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Wayne CSD Capital Improvements

DGA’s Role: Construction Manager (CM) Agent

Completion: 2021


The goals of this project included: Add fire alarm strobes in occupied areas; Provide rated doors between kitchen and cafeteria; Upgrade emergency and exit lights; Replace dishwasher electric booster heater; Replace HVAC Control System; Replace Electrical Panels; Reconstruction roof at hatch; Reconstruct walls in OT/PT/replace roof; Replace existing plumbing fixtures; Replace exhaust fans on roof; Replace exterior door; Replace domestic HW boilers; Replace phone system (VOIP); Replace cafeteria flooring; Increase smoke detection on 2nd and 3rd floors; Add and upgrade emergency lighting; Add roof ladder, railings and lighting to third floor roof; Seal and waterproof boiler room walls; Reconstruct dampers, actuators and seal intake; Upgrade/add emergency and exit lights; Replace cafeteria and large gym AHU’s; Replace sanitary piping in crawl space; Improve drainage swale; Replace science room acid neutralization; Remove old water treatment building; Reconstruct/repoint exterior masonry; Reconstruct asphalt drive between MS and HS; Replace exterior doors; Upgrade fire alarm system including strobes.

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