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Sterile Processing Department

DGA’s Role: Construction Manager
Completion: 2015


This project was a $5,200,000 multi-phased project included ten phases and lasting 19 months. The project included adding 7,500 SF of space to the SPD space to increase the size of the department to 17,200 SF. The additional space was used to reorganize the department for better work-flow and additional sterilization equipment, resulting in overall improved processes, turnaround times, and increased storage space. 

Within the decontamination area, individual workstations were increased from two to six. The scope volume now has doubled capacity with the addition of a dirty scope area. Prep/Pack workstations increased from 9 to 14, as well as replacing one existing sterilizer that was not meeting their needs, with two sterilizers and two “express” sterilizers. A new cart washer was incorporated in the design to increase the department’s washing capacity.

Major HVAC upgrades and new finishes were incorporated. Due to the nature of this area, construction was coordinated around a 24/7 operation. Off-hour work, movable containment rooms, and constant air-monitoring were used to ensure patient safety. Daily coordination with OR staff and the University were the key to success of this project.

Support spaces were reconfigured. DGA worked closely with University vendors for all new equipment installed and worked toward critical installation dates by these vendors.

DGA has worked closely with the U of R staff and the construction services department to ensure that staff had minimal disruption to their operations. The highest level of patient care and safety was maintained throughout the entire construction process.

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