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University of Rochester Lab Classroom

DGA’s Role: General Contractor

Completion: 2017


A new chemistry lab in Hutchison Hall with a state-of-the-art space designed to foster collaboration among small groups so they can better discuss, plan, carry out, and analyze experiments. This project included renovation and repurposing the North End of the second floor library into Chemical Research Labs and classrooms. 

The project was multi-phased to accommodate the adjacent labs, and first floor labs that maintained operation. An additional corridor section was created and new ceilings and lighting upgraded the look of the existing laboratory. 

The environmentally-friendly 2,400 SF lab features state-of-the-art hoods to trap chemical fumes rather than remove them through an exhaust system. As a result, heating/cooling costs have been reduced by as much as 98%.The vacuum system saves over 10,000 gallons of water annually due to the elimination of water aspirators.

High-efficiency LED lights are used throughout the lab. Workshop space for student discussion is an integral part of the lab. A wireless mic and ceiling-mounted speakers at each hood-station allow professors to better communicate with students. Extra-large wash-up areas have dual fixtures and custom wash-solvent collection stations.

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