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Manchester Shortsville K-12 Capital Improvements

DGA’s Role: Construction Manager (CM) Agent
Completion: 2020


DGA Builders preserved building assets by restoring the roof and skylights, masonry restoration, painting exterior canopies, and exterior window and door replacement. To alleviate drainage issues, we replaced concrete sidewalks by the main entrance and provided paved access to the athletic fields.


Safety and security by were improved by relocating the Middle School Office and District Office to provide secure entry vestibules, lock-down system integrated into access control system, eliminate tripping hazard by infilling recessed corridor floor, expand emergency lighting coverage and CO detection system.


DGA Builders renovated the Elementary School gymnasium and classrooms, High School FACS classroom, and High School kitchen. Accessibility was improved. Inefficient space was reclaimed by reconfiguring and re-purposing unused locker rooms.


Improved and maintain portions of building systems by cooling data/IT rooms and electrical replacements in the auditorium.

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