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Henrietta Fire Station

DGA’s Role: Construction Manager
Completion: 2017


The design of the rapidly growing Fire District provides ample space for emergency vehicles, equipment, and team members. The old building was demolished with the new building built in its place in Henrietta, NY.

The architecture features a day room, kitchen, turnout lockers, fitness room, bunk rooms, and a storage mezzanine. The exterior design incorporates materials that express the permanence of the station. Respectful of the neighborhood residences, the drive-through apparatus bays are located at the rear of the hilly site to reduce noise naturally.

DGA provided oversight of constructed quality and adherence to the project drawings and specifications through daily field visits. DGA provided coordination among the multiple prime contracts through bi-weekly management meetings and project documentation.
This project is a great example of tailoring services to the needs and budget of each client.

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