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DGA Builders is one of Rochester's top healthcare construction companies. For over four decades, our team has been trusted with completing some of the most challenging healthcare construction projects in the region. We specialize in occupied multi-phased hospital renovations and constrained work sites and understand need to ensure safe and clean environments within your healthcare facilities.


We are Western New York's most trusted consultants in innovative new construction and renovations of medical offices, clinics, labs, hospitals, treatment rooms, research facilities, and more for both affiliated and private practices alike. Our portfolio of repeat business in Article 28 hospital campuses and outpatient facilities is evidence of our commitment to delivering the best facilities that the healthcare community deserves.


At DGA Builders, safe construction is a priority to protect patients, providers, staff, and our own sub-contractors from exposure to dangerous materials and hazards. Additionally, DGA Builders ensures that all healthcare construction has a focus on safety and adherence to Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA) plans. From small maintenance repairs to large-scale additions and renovations, experience in this industry is key.


DGA Builders is a firm with professionals who care and strive to exceed your expectations. We deliver innovative projects of the highest quality to all healthcare clients- because your staff and patients are worth it.

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