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As one of Rochester’s top three commercial construction companies, you can trust our ability and transparency in resolving the challenges inherent in municipal construction.


Our team of general contractors and construction managers are experienced in all facets of municipal construction from planning schedules to permits and sustainability initiatives. From the diligence required in the construction planning phases, to the small details necessary throughout the public bidding process, our team delivers exceptional results that improve the community one building and landmark at a time.


Whether your project requires new construction, expansion, or historic renovation, we understand that you'll need the job done at good value to taxpayers. With public funds at stake, DGA Builders' transparent and lean approach delivers the best value to the public entities that we represent. We believe that the construction and renovations of civic and municipal structures must be cost-effective and high quality in order to add the best value to its community.


DGA Builders takes pride in being communities’ reliable resource for municipal construction services. We'll tailor our services for your unique renovation, restoration, or new construction to optimize your budget and schedule.


Considerations to take into account include: 

  • Cost of Capital Construction  

  • Operating Budget  

  • Schedule Management

  • Operational Constraints

  • Demolition, Relocation, and Construction Phases

  • Labor Availability and Productivity

  • Competitiveness of Systems – proprietary systems  

  • Design Limitations  

  • Quality Control of Construction Documents

  • Submittal Management  

  • Contingency Management  

  • Change Management  

  • Communication Management  

Contact us today to discuss your upcoming civic and municipal improvements.

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