Keep the construction experts on site for your civic and K-12 School Districts. From early planning stages through project closeout, our experience with K-12 and civic construction projects of all types and sizes has led us to become a leading construction management agency and trusted provider across New York.


As your exclusive Construction Management (CM) Agent, DGA Builders will optimize your use of available funds; control of the scope of the work; handle scheduling; optimize design; coordinate the best available labor; avoid delays, changes, and disputes; enhance construction design and quality; and assist in contracting and procurement. DGA offers a fee-based service in which your assigned agent is exclusively responsible for your projects and acts in your best interest throughout each stage of the project, saving your time, effort, and costs in the long run.

School districts and municipalities appreciate our dependability, performance and efficiency when they need durable construction to last future generations. Clients call on us routinely to assess situations on their properties without them having to make a long drive to the building in question- they're there within minutes and exclusively dedicated to your properties. As always, trust and reliability are trademarks of DGA. Our CM Agents deliver the same quality work we’ve been providing for over 40 years, and continue to set the bar higher for municipal and academic establishments.

In addition to the typical on-site services of a construction, DGA provides enhanced Clerk-of-the-Works services that accommodate the budget of any construction budget and schedule. These services are specifically designed for the needs of each project to provide levels of pre-referendum, pre-construction and construction phase management/monitoring services to a district’s project team in an affordable per diem payment model.


  • A dedicated construction manager is contracted to your properties, exclusively.

  • Allows you to focus on inhouse construction capability with an expert ready to advise you on-site.

  • Speed up the construction project by delegating decision-making authority and management with a CM Agent who's on your side from day one.

  • Stay on track by having your architect, engineer, and CM Agent work cohesively together in the earliest stages.

  • Gain a second-level review of construction documents, reduce errors and omissions, and lower costs related to change orders and delays. 

  • Simplifies the process for you by having your CM Agent responsible for communication between all parties and avoid potential conflicts.


  • Estimates

  • Constructability Analysis

  • Document Review

  • Contract Management

  • Permit Acquisition

  • Coordinate Subcontractors

  • Provide On-Site Supervision

  • Assist in Progress Meetings

  • Coordinate Independent Testing Agents

  • Optimize Schedules

  • Ensure Compliances are Met

  • Enforce Site Specific Safety Plans

  • Independently Resolve Minor On-Site Issues or Conflicts

  • Mitigate Disruptions to Neighbors and Occupants of the Property

  • Monitor Capital Budget

  • Communicate Transparently

  • Administer Photo ID Badges, if Needed

  • Maintain Daily Log of Events, Visitors and Occurrences at job site

  • Record Job Progress Electronically

  • Confer with the District on Release of Retainage

  • Coordinate As-Builts from Prime Contractors

  • Work with Owner's Occupancy Schedule In Mind

  • Assist in Inspection for Substantial Completion

  • Organize Punch List 

  • Train and Transfer Ownership of Installed Equipment and Warranties

  • Assist in Project Close-Out

  • Exclusive Expertise Available On-Site


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