As one of Rochester's largest commercial builders, we feel a strong sense of responsibility to demonstrate leadership for the construction community in Upstate New York. DGA Builders believes that choosing sustainable construction methods will help future generations live and work better. It is a simple idea with huge impacts. We always welcome opportunities to work with clients that feel the same way. With every commercial construction project we begin, big or small, we put our highest priorities on protecting the people involved as well as the environment. As non-renewable resources slowly grow rarer and more expensive, our experience in sustainable construction becomes more important than ever before. 

Sustainable or green building means to build responsibly, reduce waste, and help preserve and protect the environment. It is an “earth-friendly” alternative to construction. When you build with DGA, you are forming a partnership that will do its part to restore our planet. With careful consideration of design, construction, and operations of your property, DGA can run analytics upon request  to comprehensively understand your project's lifetime energy use, water use, indoor environmental quality, material choice impact, and the building's lifetime effect on the surrounding area.


DGA Builders' combined use of innovative construction technology and expansive network of vetted suppliers and contractors allows our commercial construction professionals a variety of options, small and large, to build your project with a reduced carbon footprint. 

DGA is well-equipped to help you navigate all aspects of a green building process. Multiple construction managers at DGA Builders hold certifications and memberships in green construction and sustainability. Our construction company stays ahead of the pack with many team members trained or certified for LEED AP, and all employees are trained in green building practices. We feel strongly that the process of delivering leading construction management service starts with sustainable design phase and finishes with informed foresight of your property's future.


  • Reduce your organization’s impact on the environment.

  • Optimize energy consumption.

  • Reduce waste and maintenance fees related to waste.

  • Boost your business' reputation by doing your part for the environment.

  • Lower general construction costs by reusing materials already available.

  • Support local businesses and contractors.


  • Installing energy efficient appliances and equipment

  • Harnessing solar and wind powered energy

  • Utilizing the best windows to maximize natural daylight

  • Repurposing materials used in old construction

  • Optimizing the amount of materials needed

  • Partnering with reliable local supplies and contractors​

  • Choosing efficient heating and air systems

  • Consider incorporating greenery in the design

  • Using recycled material and furnishings

  • Choosing high pressure plumbing fixtures

  • Choosing LED lighting

  • Implementing rain runoff to water landscaping

  • Selecting materials that are more renewable


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